You may notice that you are constantly tossing and turning in bed before falling asleep. This could be due to the sleep temperature in your room not being optimal. Most people do not pay attention to the room temperature before they go to sleep. Setting your room temperature to the optimal level can go a long way in bettering your mental and physical health as well as increasing your overall productivity. An ideal sleeping temperature may make your sleeping pattern better.

Body Temperature Effects on Sleep

Based on preference, some people may prefer being warm while others opt for a cool temperature in the room. The different temperatures can affect your sleeping pattern. If you prefer sleeping when your room has low temperatures, you may sleep much better than someone who likes warm temperatures. Medical experts say that having your thermostat set to between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit helps you have a relaxed sleep. For babies, you could set the thermostat to between 67 and 70 degrees.

Your body temperature begins to drop when you are about to sleep to prepare you for rest. Once you fall asleep, the temperature will continue to drop, and your blood vessels will expand up until when the temperatures rise in the morning. Sleeping in cool temperatures allows your body to rest, while warm temperatures may result in you feeling uncomfortable and exhausted. The fatigue will result in you waking up in the course of the night regardless of being tired physically and mentally.

How You Can Ensure Your Room Stays Cool

A smart thermostat allows your home to stay cool throughout the night while also saving your utility bill from spiking. A smart thermostat will enable you to schedule the temperature of your house based on the time of the day. It will, therefore, automatically cool your home during the night, allowing you to sleep peacefully. The smart thermostat is among the best ways you can optimize your room temperature before you sleep.

The following are some ways you can cool your room before you decide to go to bed:

  • Open the windows or turn on your fan for air circulation.
  • Use a cooling blanket and pillow.
  • Sleep in light, breathable pajamas.
  • Switch off all heating appliances and keep the room dark.

Our experts at PrimeTime Heat & Air can be of great help when trying to determine the best system for an optimum sleep temperature. We serve residents of Murfreesboro and its surrounding areas with exceptional heating and cooling services. Contact us today to make your sleep more comfortable.

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