People use the word “winterize” to describe both closing up a property for several months and preparing a year-round house for the cold season. Today we’ll be dissecting the latter and going over the six steps to winterize your pipes and home HVAC system.

1. Shut Down Outdoor Pipes and Insulate Exposed Ones

Do you have exposed pipes? How about outdoor ones? If so, cut off access to the exterior lines and insulate exposed ones to guard against freezing, which can lead to bursting.

2. Familiarize Yourself With the Water Shutoff Valve

If your pipes freeze at some point during the winter, you may need to turn off the water. To prepare for the possibility, locate the water shutoff valve ahead of time and familiarize yourself with how it works. If you’re uncomfortable with tools, you may want an HVAC professional to install a key system to simplify the process.

3. Prep the Furnace

If the centerpiece of your home heating system is a furnace, it’s important to make an annual cleaning appointment in November or December. Dust and other allergens get caught in the apparatus throughout the year, so getting it vacuumed out before winter when you’ll be using it the most makes sense.

4. Change HVAC Filters

To keep your heating system in top shape and pumping out the healthiest air, change its filters once a year. You can get away with doing it every two years, but don’t let it go beyond that.

5. Test the Thermostat

Like cars, HVAC systems need maintenance. At the start of winter, it’s a good idea to do a climate test in your home by making sure the temperature reading on the thermostat matches the actual temperature in each room. Discrepancies could be evidence of a blockage or other problem.

6. Clean the Air Vents

Vacuuming and cleaning vents annually is another HVAC best practice. Ask a professional about the ideal method for your system.

Whether you need help winterizing your pipes, tuning up an HVAC system, or assistance installing, fixing, or maintaining your cooling system, we’re ready to get the job done. Contact Primetime Heat & Air in Smyrna, Tennessee, today for more information!

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